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Seal Beach Community Television

The City of Seal Beach formed a charitable and educational non-profit corporation known as the Seal Beach Cable Communications Foundation (SBCCF) in 1984 to handle the funding issues and operations of the PEG facility.  Each SBCCF board member is appointed by a member of the city council and serves a term of two years.  The SBCCF meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  The business and administrative duties of the SBCCF and are handled by the PEG Coordinator/Station Manager along with programming Channel 3 and all training.  SBTV-3 is a member of the national organization Alliance for Community Media and SCAN-NATOA.


To encourage participation in the public access program, promote the award winning programming produced at SBTV-3 and provide the communication link between the citizens of Seal Beach and their community organizations, schools and government.  To ensure the first amendment rights of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States in the operation of the public access program.

The City of  Seal Beach enjoys a very active public access volunteer program.  Members of the community who live in  Seal Beach and residents of Leisure World are eligible for video and television production training at SBTV-3 to produce public access programs.  The training course is a multi-camera studio production, portable field production and editing.  Upon completion of the course and certification, producers are then qualified to schedule with the PEG coordinator,  the equipment necessary for their production.    Each producer is required to sign an agreement acknowledging that they understand the policies and the procedures of the public access program and accept liability for the equipment they use and content of their programming.   Seal Beach public access producers are completely responsible for the content of their program and their productions from start to finish, including crewing the production from the list of SBTV-3 certified volunteer public access producers.  The public access program operates on a first come, first served,  non-discriminatory basis.   Currently, about 120 public access programs per year are produced through this facility between Seal Beach and Leisure World producers.   Public access programs are not produced by the city of Seal Beach or by the Seal Beach Cable Communications Foundation.

The Seal Beach Cable Communications Foundation many years ago donated a generous amount of funding for the equipment necessary to bring the Coastline College telecourses to our community. In November 1998,  SBTV-3 provided video equipment and services to the first-year video students and video majors of the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) as their campus was being built in Santa Ana.

SBTV-3 provides to it's community, LIVE government meetings each week.  The SBCCF funds the coverage of all regularly scheduled government meetings.  There are 48 regularly scheduled government meetings each year.  The City Council meetings are the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7pm, while the Planning Commission meetings are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:00pm.  The government meetings are available to watch LIVE on the City's website.

For more information regarding the playback of meetings and to purchase copies go to Programming.

The SBCCF funds the coverage of local community or city events each year.  These include many productions that have become staples in the community such as the Christmas parade, 10K Run Seal Beach, 1st Grade Concert, 3rd Grade Concert and Pageant of the Arts at McGaugh School and more.  These programs are covered with the use of a mobile production truck built by the SBCCF or field equipment.


Each year, since 1988, public access producers from this facility and the SBCCF participate in the Western Region W.A.V.E. Awards and Conference and have been blessed to have been finalists and/or winners for many years.   Awards and other recognitions for outstanding achievements of the public access producers and the SBCCF are proudly displayed at the studio.    



SBTV-3 runs 24/7 and when scheduled programming is not on the air, a community bulletin board runs in lieu of programming and in between programs.  The bulletin board includes announcements of community events and information useful to residents.



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